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This resource center connects you with the latest in research, training, and more to help better coordinate and optimize care for people aging with HIV. You can filter the resources below by title, date, or topic/category, such as care coordination, health equity, and mental health. 

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Medical, Social and Supportive Services for Older Adults with HIV

A very broad look at essential community-based supportive services to promote healthy aging of OPWH. It also discusses the potential barriers to those who are older suffering from HIV. This article also mentions that it would be most beneficial for physicians to address the whole individual including the environment and community that they live in as well as their medical information.

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Article: HIV and Aging

People who are living with HIV are living longer lives which may bring on new challenges in regards to the comorbidities that can occur in older people with HIV (OPWH). Early diagnoses of these comorbidities, geriatric care is essential to the continuation of life and quality of life for these patients.

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HIV Infection in the Elderly: Arising Challenges

The article discusses some of the challenges, clinical and immunological, that elderly people living with HIV encounter. It also discusses that due to ART more people are living with HIV, which means that they live longer. It warns of various things that clinicians can keep in mind while evaluating elder patients with HIV, such as mixing medications. 

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