Jasmine Anthony Capacity Building Assistance Coordinator
Anna Bacharach CBA/Education & Training Intern
Scott Bertani Director of Advocacy
Henry Butenschoen Capacity Building Assistance Coordinator
Walt Colt Education Design Specialist
Gene Cowan Graphic Designer
Chandler Douglas E-Learning and Instructional Design Manager
Lyncoln Dujon Director of Finance and Administration
Henry Fuller Sr. Capacity Buiding Assistance Manager
Jackson Fuller Capacity Building Assistance Fellow
Alex Hoppe eLearning Design Manager
Grace Hazlett Capacity Building Intern
Christopher Hucks-Ortiz Director, HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STIs, and Health Equity
Brian Hujdich Executive Director
Corey Howell Sr. Capacity Building Assistance Coordinator
Eve Kelly Sr. Capacity Building Assistance Coordinator
Melissa Kelley Senior Manager of Medical Education
Charlotte Kugler Public Health Communications Fellow
Erik Kugler Accountant
Circe J. Gray Le Compte Director of Health Services Research & Evaluation
Kelly Mayor Director of Conferences and Meetings
Alan McCord eLearning Writer/Editor
TJ Moore Capacity Building Assistance Manager
Matthew Prior Director of Communications and Content Strategy
Michael Shankle Senior Director of Capacity Building
Erin Starzyk Assistant Director, Health Services Research and Evaluation
Alisha Stewart Finance and Administration
Gerran Thomas Capacity Building Assistance Manager
Marissa Tonelli Director of Health Systems Capacity Building
Cory Utsey Communications Intern
Octavio Zarraga LGBT Health/CBA Intern


Donna Sweet, MD, MACP Bisola Ojikutu, MD, MPH Robyn Watson Ellerbe, PhD Jonathan Appelbaum, MD, FACP, AAHIVS Kathleen Geissel, PharmD Charles Howe, PharmD