Brianna Belo Project Coordinator 202.507.4743
Brittany Belo Communications Associate 202.232.6749
Walt Colt Education Design Specialist  202.232.6749
Dana Cropper-Williams Director of Education 202.507.4727
Lyncoln Dujon Director of Finance and Administration 202.507.4734
Lisa Frederick Capacity Building Manager 202.507.4733
Brian Hujdich Executive Director 202.507.4725
Jenifer Jackson Capacity Building Manager 202.407.4736
Eve Kelly Project Coordinator  202.232.6749
Erik Kugler Accountant  202.232.6749
Circe J. Gray Le Compte Director of Research 202.232.6749
Kelly Mayor Director of Conferences and Meetings 202.507.4735
Elaina Perry Project Coordinator  202.232.6749
Michelle Rogers Capacity Building Manager 202.507.4737
Chris Rothermel Director of Operations 202.507.4729
Michael Shankle Senior Director of Capacity Building 202.507.4730
Alisha Stewart Finance and Administration  202.507.4728
Marissa Tonelli Director of Health Systems Capacity Building  202.507.4731
Donna Sweet, MD, MACP
Bisola Ojikutu, MD, MPH
Robyn Watson Ellerbe, PhD
Jonathan Appelbaum, MD, FACP, AAHIVS
Kathleen Geissel, PharmD
Scott Bertani
Charles Howe, PharmD
Jason Sterne