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Aging With HIV Institute and Roundtable

This roundtable brought together experts living and aging with HIV (15 years or more) to review and reflect upon the current capacity and future constraints of the HIV and aging care and prevention services sectors, and the discrete needs that follow.

PrEP for Youth in Malawi

People aged 15-24 years old in Malawi are at particular risk of acquiring HIV. Early marriage and early sexual activity contribute greatly to high numbers

Transgender Health in Malawi Content warning: This article discusses issues of sexual violence and discrimination against transgender people. After attending the Effi Barry Training Institute’s

Inflamm-aging Webinar

This webinar from the Effi Barry Training Institute details the connection between chronic inflammation and HIV infection and discusses care considerations and emerging research.

HIV and Older Americans

This factsheet from the CDC highlights HIV incidence and trends in diagnoses among older adults, as well as statistics related to linkage to care, retention in

U=U messaging

Prevention Access Campaign’s Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) is a growing global community of HIV advocates, activists, researchers, and over 970 Community Partners from 101 countries

Building strategic partnerships that matter

Successful implementation of the REIS’ Hi-V model requires strong partnerships. No organization is everything to everyone. This session will look at your current partnerships as

Writing a work plan that works

The grant proposal process is often an extensive one that requires that the grant writer is able to complete several components. While grant applications often

Introduction to Effective Health Insurance Eligibility Determination Strategies Selecting affordable health insurance coverage that meets clients’ clinical needs is critical to ensure sustained positive health