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This resource center connects you with the latest in research, training, and more to help better coordinate and optimize care for people aging with HIV. You can filter the resources below by title, date, or topic/category, such as care coordination, health equity, and mental health. 

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HIV complex care and care coordination: the nurse’s role

Articles suggest that nurses specializing in HIV care are an effective approach to a new era of life-long HIV care. Community nurses whose role is to create and conduct CCPs in a small clinic would enable nurses to work directly with patients to increase the effectiveness of the CCP. Something that would likely not be possible in a large commercial clinical setting.

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Senotherapeutics for HIV and aging

Senescence is a hallmark of aging-related diseases that is characterized by stable cell cycle arrest and chronic inflammation. Chronic HIV-1 infection predisposes patients to aging-related illnesses and is similarly marked by a senescence-like phenotype. A better understanding of the role of HIV-1 in aging will inform the development of therapeutics aimed at eliminating senescent cells that drive accelerated physiologic aging.

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