National E-Learning Center for HIV Prevention Workforce Excellence

HealthHIV’s National HIV E-Learning Training Center is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) to support PS19-1904: Capacity Building Assistance for High-Impact HIV Prevention Program Integration. The program is designed to support the proposed federal initiative, Ending the HIV Epidemic in the US, by strengthening the capacity and improving the nation’s HIV prevention workforce.

The National HIV E-Learning Training Center develops and implements a national e-learning training program to build the knowledge, skills and competencies of HIV prevention staff working in high-impact HIV prevention (HIP) programs across the U.S. The Center offers accessible, Section 508-compliant services and materials via asynchronous learning opportunities (self-paced e-learning, instructional videos, online resources), and blended learning opportunities (combining synchronous and asynchronous modalities). 

HealthHIV leverages its expertise supporting CBA for community-based organizations, health departments, and healthcare organizations to design e-learning courses that can improve health outcomes for people who are at a greater risk of contracting HIV. 

The E Cube logo represents the three essential elements of the National E-Learning Center: Extend, Enhance, and Engage.

Extend – the Center extends the training content of online learning nationwide to maximize accessibility and ensure that the HIV prevention workforce has the competencies and technical expertise critical to the foundation and operations of HIV prevention programs and services.

Enhance – the Center enhances blended-learning modality conducted by the national classroom, the regional technical assistance, and the continuous quality improvement and organizational sustainability providers by transitioning content to competency-based eLearning modules and serving as a centralized location to house eHealth materials and resources.

Engage – the Center engages the HIV prevention workforce, including non-traditional HIV prevention partners, by not only ensuring that individuals have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to achieve zero new infections, but that these newly acquired proficiencies align with strategic national goals and achieve HIV prevention performance excellence.

E-Learning Courses

Sister to Sister: Take Control of Your Health

HealthHIV is pleased to announce the launch of Sister to Sister: Take Control of Your Health, a course developed for clinic-based providers to empower women to reduce their risk for acquiring HIV. This blended course entails a 60-minute, self-paced E-Learning module developed by HealthHIV, followed by an in-person or virtual classroom session hosted by CAI. 

Sister to Sister: TCYH is an adaptation of the 1993 original intervention, Sister to Sister: Respect Yourself! Protect Yourself! Because You Are Worth It! This NEW, blended course offered by the Capacity Building Assistance Provider Network (CPN) National HIV Classroom and eLearning Centers is designed for clinic-based providers. The training of facilitators course includes an eLearning module; live, instructor-led virtual training; and course evaluation.

This course is for a variety of HIV care providers in clinics and primary health care settings including:

  • Community health workers
  • Health educators
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • HIV case managers
  • Patient navigators


Background About This Intervention

Sister to Sister: TCYH is a one-on-one brief intervention between provider and patient that gives women the skills and information they need to reduce their risk of HIV. The intervention seeks to empower women to take control of their health by choosing PrEP and/or using condoms consistently to prevent HIV and uses CDC’s new #ShesWell campaign to help reinforce a variety of healthful messages. Providers seeking to implement Sister to Sister: TCYH at their sites can register for the Training of Facilitators,
which includes two components:

  • A self-paced prerequisite E-Learning module
  • A two-day live, instructor-led virtual training


Submit a request through the CBA Tracking System:

What learners that participated in the Sister to Sister: TCYH pilot think:

E-Learning Courses in Development

  • Fundamentals of Rapid HIV Testing
  • Covering Costs of HIV PrEP
  • Strengthening Strategies that Support PrEP Adherence
  • HIV Self-Testing
  • Navigating People along the PrEP Continuum
  • Promoting HIV Prevention Services through PrEP

All PS19-1904 grantees can request capacity building assistance (CBA):

  1. CDC directly funded organizations: Check with your CDC Project Officer. Submit a CBA Tracking System (CTS) request at Log-in IDs and passwords for previous CRIS users will work in CTS.
  2. Organizations that are not directly funded by CDC: Contact the CDC-funded health department in your jurisdiction to submit a CTS request for you. A list of health department CTS users, who can submit CTS requests on behalf of other organizations, can be found at the Health Department CTS Users tab on


For assistance with CTS, contact [email protected].

For More Information

Contact HealthHIV’s Director of Health Systems Capacity Building, Marissa Tonelli, at [email protected]

HealthHIV’s National HIV eLearning Training Center is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to support PS19-1904: Capacity Building Assistance for High-Impact HIV Prevention Program Integration. The program is designed to support the proposed federal initiative, Ending the HIV Epidemic in the US, by improving and strengthening the capacity of the nation’s HIV prevention workforce.