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Fiscal Health Training Program

Remaining Relevant in the New Reality

The HealthHIV Fiscal Health Training Program provides education, training, and technical assistance that addresses the fiscal sustainability of healthcare and social service organizations by building their fiscal and grants management capacity. Fiscal Health utilizes a diverse and culturally competent team of fiscal management experts to provide organizational sustainability services through effective trainings and technical assistance. Services are available on a fee-for service basis or through existing contracts with federal agencies.


An enhanced approach to building the organizational, and specifically the fiscal health, of healthcare and social service organizations and providers, the Fiscal Health trainings and technical assistance help develop and/or enhance operational fiscal systems, with emphasis on fiscal and programmatic monitoring standards, budgeting, diversifying income, uniform guidance, maximizing third party reimbursement, time and effort reporting, and quality controls. Services benefit individuals at all levels of expertise in nonprofit health organizations, health departments, social service, and government agencies.

Technical Assistance

HealthHIV Fiscal Health provides quality, outcomes-driven technical assistance on specific challenges healthcare and social service organizations face. Our customizable program allows your organization to select the level of collaboration with HealthHIV based on your technical assistance needs:

  • Individualized Technical Assistance
    Individualized support based on organizational need, typically delivered as a virtual or onsite, in-person session with key program staff. TA is customized to organizational and program staff learning needs on priority areas.

  • Ongoing Technical Assistance
    Continuous one-year, multi-topic engagement on specific fiscal sustainability and grants management topics based on organizational and program staff need. TA is provided by phone, email, webinar, and/or other virtual methods and is focused on federal grants compliance topics, internal policy and procedure review, and program implementation support.

Group Training

HealthHIV conducts group trainings that cover specific topics related to federal grants management and fiscal sustainability. We offer interactive, in-person, one- or two-day trainings for an entire jurisdiction or a small group. Our trainings cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Budgeting and Maximizing Program Income
  • Leveraging 340B Pharmacy Programs to Expand Services
  • Implementing Uniform Guidance for Federal Grants Compliance
  • Diversifying Income and Revenue Sources
  • Managing Multiple Funding Streams
  • Budgeting Basics for Non-Financial Managers
  • Responding to Audit/Site Visit Findings
  • Assessing Policy and Procedure Implementation
  • Streamlining Data Collection and Use
  • Implementing Sliding Fee Scales and Caps on Charges
  • Complying with HRSA/HAB Fiscal Monitoring Standards
  • Calculating Unit Costs of Services
  • Maximizing Third-Party Billing and Medical Documentation
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships
  • Monitoring Contracts and Subrecipients
  • Determining Eligibility and Enrollment for Federal Programs

Our jurisdiction-level trainings offer opportunities for healthcare and social service organizations to network and collaborate with other entities; our small-group trainings are tailored specifically to the needs of the jurisdiction or organization.

Request Training / Technical Assistance

To request fiscal training or technical assistance (including pricing), complete the Fiscal Health Request Form or contact HealthHIV’s Fiscal Health Team at [email protected].

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