PrEP for Youth in Malawi

People aged 15-24 years old in Malawi are at particular risk of acquiring HIV. Early marriage and early sexual activity contribute greatly to high numbers of new HIV infections among those 15-24 years of age. In 2018, around a third of new HIV infections in Malawi occurred in this age bracket. Despite this, many youths […]

Transgender Health in Malawi

Content warning: This article discusses issues of sexual violence and discrimination against transgender people. After attending the Effi Barry Training Institute’s “Strategies to Support Positive Experiences for Transgender Populations” webinar, I was shocked to see how similar the experiences of trans people in the USA are to those of trans people in my home country […]

The Importance of Synchronicity for Remedying Health Inequities

By: Cory Utsey SYNChronicity 2021, the 8th Annual National Conference for HIV, HCV, STI, and LGBTQ Health, took place on Sept. 21 and Sept. 22 and took aim at addressing a healthcare field that is out of sync. At SYNC 2021, our nation’s public health leaders, service providers, and community organizers spoke on the various […]

A Malawian Perspective on Aging and HIV/AIDS

By: Delroy White, HealthHIV Communications Fellow Although we live in an aging population, attention is far from focused on those 50 or older when it comes to HIV/AIDS in Malawi. I’ve recently found myself asking, “What happens to older people when most medical interventions are directed towards younger populations?” I am Delroy White, a 2021 […]