Capacity Building Assistance Sites

A core part of the REINFORCE initiative is to provide tailored capacity building assistance (CBA) activities to select organizations to improve HIV retention and re-engagement in care rates. HealthHIV delivers CBA to these sites to: identify gaps; adapt and implement new models that improve retention and re-engagement of their clients in HIV care; and, facilitate system-level improvements that improve health outcomes, patient care experiences, and quality of life for clients with HIV at risk of being lost-to-follow-up.
The following sites are receiving CBA through this initiative:
Big Bend Cares logo

Big Bend Cares

Big Bend Cares provides assistance to people living with HIV and conducts HIV prevention and education programs to the general community. Big Bend Cares is the only AIDS Service Organization (ASO) in the eight counties of Area 2B and serves HIV positive individuals in all 8 Florida counties.

Central VA Health Svcs Logo

Central Virginia Health Services

Central Virginia Health Services is a non-profit community health center with Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status that started in 1970 as a community based and patient-directed organization focused on providing care to people with limited access to the health services they need.

Chicago Family Health Center

Chicago Family Health Center

Since its founding in 1977, Chicago Family Health Center (CFHC) has become the primary care medical home for thousands of Chicagoans, including some of the city’s most vulnerable populations. As an award winning, nationally-recognized leading voice for community health centers, CFHC has played a vital role in providing access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare services to underserved communities throughout Chicago.

Roper St. Francis Ryan White Wellness Center

Roper St. Francis Ryan White Wellness Center

The Roper St. Francis Ryan White Wellness Center empowers patients and the community to take charge of their sexual health while championing overall wellness. We are the only one-stop-shop sexual health center in the tri-county offering more than 20 different onsite services.

Western North Carolina Community Health Services

WNCCHS provides comprehensive, high-quality whole person health care to our patients regardless of ability to pay. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), they provide health care to all members of the community, including low income, indigent, and uninsured patients who may not otherwise be able to afford health care via traditional sources.