ASO/CBO Leadership Initiative™

The ASO/CBO Leadership Initiative™ addresses the significantly evolving capacity building needs of ASOs/CBOs resulting from implementation of health care reform, recent biomedical advances, national strategies, and federal/state funding re-alignments by strengthening organizational leadership.


Fiscal Health: Systems to Sustainability™

Fiscal Health: Systems to SustainabilityTM is an education, training, and technical assistance program that addresses the fiscal sustainability of health care and social service organizations. This HealthHIV-led program utilizes a diverse and culturally competent team of fiscal management experts to design and implement effective trainings and technical assistance. The program focuses on HRSA fiscal and program requirements and contracts management with specifications for the states in which recipients reside.

HealthHIV’s ASO/CBO Leadership Training and Certificate Program™

HealthHIV’s ASO/CBO Leadership Training and Certificate ProgramTM  is a self-paced, online training opportunity for ASO/CBO leaders. After successful completion of the six, self-paced, one-hour modules, participants will receive a Certificate of Proficiency in ASO/CBO Leadership.

HealthHIV HIV Primary Care Training and Certificate Program™

Participants completing this free, online, self-paced, staged CME curriculum, composed of five courses grounded in a proven model of HIV primary care integration, earn a certificate of proficiency in HIV primary care integration.

HIV Primary Care Survey

Assesses the current state of integrating HIV care and treatment services into primary care in light of the rapidly changing health care landscape in the dynamic healthy care environment by synching systems.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

HealthHIV co-leads a national team of researchers in studying communication patterns between primary care providers and community pharmacists to improve retention in care, adherence to HIV medication therapy and HIV viral load suppression among Black, Latino and American Indian / Alaskan Native populations.

National Coalition for LGBT Health – LGBT Health Training and Certificate ProgramTM

The National Coalition for LGBT Health is proud to announce the LGBT Health Training and Certificate Program™ — a professional development offering for clinical and allied health care providers and support staff to cultivate new skills and gain critical knowledge to enhance the delivery of quality, culturally competent care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender consumers. This program will include a comprehensive series of modules on LGBT health education, focusing on care provision, service delivery, and health systems. This web-based educational program covers a variety of LGBT health issues and needs. Topics include sexual orientation and gender identity, cultural competency, health disparities across racial and ethnic communities, and LGBT friendly health systems. After completing a final exam, participants will receive a Certificate of Proficiency in LGBT Health reflecting their completion of this program from The National Coalition for LGBT Health.

Remaining Relevant in the New RealityTM

HealthHIV’s Remaining Relevant in the New RealityTM is an intensive training that builds the capacity of AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) to build impactful, scalable clinical and non-clinical HIV programming that enhances the care network, and improves the health outcomes, of PLWH, within the ever-changing health care landscape.

The Remaining Relevant in the New RealityTM tour recently stopped in Atlanta, GA, Sacramento, and San Francisco, CA.

Learn how you can bring this innovative training to you at

SYNChronicity Conference

April 22-24, 2018
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
Arlington, VA

Three D Program: Directing Comprehensive TA  from Systems to SustainabilityTM

The Three D HIV Prevention ProgramTM enhances the ability of TA recipients to conduct enhanced data collection and analysis to make better-informed programmatic decisions that impact the delivery of quality HIV prevention services.

Transforming from HIV Prevention Practice to Prevention Innovation

HealthHIV’s “Transforming from HIV Prevention Practice to Prevention Innovation” (TRANSFORM) program provides training and technical assistance (TA) to the Targeted Highly-Effective Interventions to Reverse the HIV Epidemic (THRIVE) health departments (PS15-1509) and their community partners.