Capacity Building

HealthHIV is one of the largest, national HIV capacity building organizations. We have a 14-year, proven history of delivering education to, and building the capacity of, a variety of organizations and health professionals serving racial/ethnic minority communities and other vulnerable populations. These include:

⦁ Health Departments
⦁ AIDS Directors
⦁ Ryan White Administrators
⦁ HIV Prevention Program Managers
⦁ AIDS Service Organizations
⦁ Municipal Leaders
⦁ Health Centers
⦁ Faith and Community-Based Organizations
⦁ Primary Care Providers
⦁ HIV Care Providers
⦁ Allied Health Professionals

Rooted in the philosophy of holistic, integrated, patient-centered care, HealthHIV capacity building efforts help develop an organization’s ability to improve patient outcomes and increase efficiencies, while ensuring organizational sustainability. HealthHIV’s unique approach involves structuring sustainable systems and services that span the HIV care continuum. Expert capacity building specialists, accompanied by strategic partners and a comprehensive team of consultants, diagnose and address multisystem challenges that focus on achieving measurable outcomes. By remaining data and outcomes driven, HealthHIV employs state-of-the art, and state-of-the-sciences approaches to improve healthcare delivery.