Optimizing Outreach Data for Community Health

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This webinar highlights the importance of using multiple data sources to increase the efficacy of outreach, client engagement and program success. Participants will learn vital information on how to best use data and statistics, as well as real world application to inform the community about prevention in regards to HIV, HCV, STIs, and Drug User Health.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize local, state, and national data sources as guiding tools in community health initiatives to effectively inform decision-making processes.
  • Explain the critical role of documentation in community health management.
  • Discuss the significance of data collection for Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and its role in motivating their initiatives and spaces.
  • Describe strategies to enhance health outcomes through effective data utilization, including identifying relevant data, analyzing it, and implementing informed interventions.
  • Identify methods to leverage local data sources to address gaps in service provision.