Barriers and opportunities for the mental health of LGBT older adults and older people living with HIV: A systematic literature review

The study was conducted to review current literature regarding accessing mental health care among LGBT older adults and older PLWH. The results displayed a lack of provider competency in caring for LGBT patients, lower rates of insurance coverage, greater mental health burden, social and structural determinants of health, policy solutions, and technology and health literacy.

Come as You Are: Improving Care Engagement and Viral Load Suppression Among HIV Care Coordination Clients with Lower Mental Health Functioning, Unstable Housing, and Hard Drug Use

The findings of this study suggest that there is a connection between support to address psychosocial barriers and greater improvement on indicators along the HIV continuum. The findings also aid as evidence to the role of Care Coordination in increasing health and survival opportunities among those who are at the highest risk for suboptimal HIV health outcomes. 

Factors associated with social deprivation among older persons living with HIV

Social deprivation is a comorbidity that many older people living with HIV face. The study analyzed the relationship between people living with HIV and social deprivation. Social deprivation was not related to HIV status but showed that OPWH that suffered from social deprivation received little support from social workers.