Patient-Centered HIV Care Model (PCHCM)

The Patient-Centered HIV Care Model (PCHCM) integrates community-based HIV specialized pharmacists and HIV clinic medical providers to provide patient-centered care for persons with HIV (PWH). PCHCM expands upon the medication therapy management (MTM) model’s core components (i.e., medication therapy review, personal medication record, medication- related action plan, intervention and/or referral, and documentation and follow-up) by including information sharing between partnered pharmacy and clinic teams; collaborative medication-related action planning between pharmacists, medical providers, and patients; and quarterly follow-up pharmacy visits. Under PCHCM, clinic staff (e.g., nursing staff) compile patients’ medical histories and provide the information to pharmacists. Pharmacists proactively monitor prescription refills to ensure continuous adherence to treatment, provide individualized adherence support, and monitor medical history. Pharmacists assess patients’ needs and work directly with their partner clinic to make recommendations and discuss potential action plans and intervention strategies. Pharmacists, patients, and medical providers collaborate to implement the action plans, and pharmacists review the patients’ progress at subsequent visits.