Monocytes in HIV and SIV Infection and Aging: Implications for Inflamm-Aging and Accelerated Aging

Wallis, Z. K., & Williams, K. C. (2022). Monocytes in HIV and SIV Infection and Aging: Implications for Inflamm-Aging and Accelerated Aging. Viruses, 14(2), 409.

  • With ART and the extended lifespan of PLWH, HIV comorbidities also include aging—most likely due to accelerated aging—as well as cardiovascular, neurocognitive disorders, lung and kidney disease, and malignancies. The broad evidence suggests that HIV with ART is associated with accentuated aging and that the age-related comorbidities occur earlier, due in part to chronic immune activation, co-infections, and possibly the effects of ART alone. Overall, a better understanding of the mechanisms behind accentuated aging with HIV and the effects of myeloid activation and turnover is needed for future therapies.