DC Engage 3rd Annual Harm Reduction Conference

This recorded conference content was originally presented at the 3rd annual DC Engage Harm Reduction Conference in Washington, DC. Review the content at your own pace.

Completion of the following six (6) eLearning Presentations is necessary to qualify for accreditation:

  • District/National Perspectives on Harm Reduction
  • Interconnected Realities of Race, Gender, Class, and Harm Reduction in Substance Wellness
  • Panel Discussion – Harm Reduction and the Trans Experience
  • ADAP and Harm Reduction in Concert for Health Equity
  • Clinical Safety Nets: Prevention, Treatment, & Care Linkage in Harm Reduction
  • Streetwise Narratives and Narcan Training Workshop

Educational Objectives

After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to:

  • Describe local and national harm reduction strategies.
  • Identify inclusive strategies to effectively address diverse and intersectional needs within harm reduction initiatives.
  • Promote comprehensive healthcare approaches for harm reduction to transform interventions aimed at reducing stigma.