A Walk-In Incentivized HIV Care Model: The Max Clinic

The MAX Clinic aims to improve HIV care engagement and viral suppression among PWH who are poorly engaged in standard HIV care and not virally suppressed, despite having access to case management and outreach support services. The clinic is situated within an existing public health STD clinic, and offers walk-in visits for HIV primary care, high- intensity support through case management, and incentives (e.g., food vouchers, snacks, bus passes, cell phones, cash) to address barriers to care. The clinic provides intensified care coordination in which case managers coordinate care between the Max Clinic, service agencies (e.g., housing, mental health, medication adherence support, opioid treatment nurse managers and methadone providers), and jail release planning teams. Transitional care coordination is offered when Max Clinic patients are seen in the emergency room or admitted to the hospital. The clinic also assists patients with hospital discharge to outpatient care.