Rapid PrEP & ART in a status neutral world

Sometimes a major change is needed to spark new ideas and efforts. The promise of using PrEP and U=U in combination to end the HIV epidemic has inspired a paradigm shift in HIV programs, one that is already having an impact on HIV transmission in some places. New York City has pioneered an approach that re-orients HIV-related services using an “HIV status neutral” philosophy. A status-neutral approach to HIV care means that all people, regardless of HIV status, are treated in the same way. It all starts with an HIV test. “Status neutral” resonates with community advocates who feel it has great potential to provide better care for people living with or at risk for HIV.

Learning Objectives:

  • Comment on the “undetectable equals untransmittable” concept
  • List at least one pre exposure prophylaxis medication
  • Elaborate on the positive or negative outcomes of Status Neutral navigation


Please view the Youtube video to watch the session.

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