HealthHIV Releases Advocacy Paper on Impact of Prescription Drug Affordability Boards and Upper Payment Limits on Drug Pricing, Patient Access, and Innovation

Launches PDAB Resource and Action Center to provide educational resources and information for patients

Contact: Scott Bertani, Director of Advocacy
[email protected]

WASHINGTON, DC, April 5th, 2024 – In response to the evolving landscape of healthcare and prescription drug affordability, HealthHIV has just released the advocacy paper Prescription Drug Affordability Boards (PDABs) and Upper Payment Limits (UPLs) on Drug Pricing, Patient Access, and Innovation. The introduction of PDABs and Upper Payment Limits UPLs marks a shift in state-led efforts to control drug costs. This shift raises critical, unaddressed concerns about the potential for increased complexity in drug pricing and fundamental access to essential health medications. 

This paper, along with accompanying documents and resources, assesses the impact of PDABs and Upper Payment Limits (UPLs) on drug pricing, patient access, and the broader implications for healthcare affordability. It also highlights the role of innovation in improving healthcare outcomes, especially for People with HIV, and calls upon various stakeholders to proactively engage in these discussions.

Key stakeholders include—first and foremost—patients, their healthcare providers, and navigators, but engagement also requires involvement from state funders, public and private health and benefit plan administrators, manufacturers, and trade associations, each vital partners in navigating the future of drug affordability and access.

Please visit HealthHIV’s PDAB Resource and Action Center, which offers additional educational resources and information on steps that patients can take in their respective states.

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