DC Engage Local Resource Guide

This resource guide lists organizations in Washington, DC that offer assistance in areas including housing, harm reduction, safer sex and STI testing, food, clothing, legal, health care, and social support.

Fear and Hunger at AIDS 2022

At the first gathering of policymakers, activists, and clinicians since COVID-19, a precarious horizon of challenges, food insecurity, and famine, takes center stage.

Another Horseman

The intersection of COVID-19, HIV, TB, and malaria; international conflicts fueled by proxy fights leveling cities; as well as domestic political chasms continue to over-burden the world’s emergency response resources.

The Importance of Synchronicity for Remedying Health Inequities

The past two years were filled with an unimaginable amount of chaos, stress, and uncertainty for the future. The COVID-19 pandemic alone turned the world upside down; this, coupled with the ongoing and widespread stigmatization of marginalized groups, created much disjointment throughout the world and within various communities. The need for powerful entities working for […]