HealthHIV becomes the new home for— The original comprehensive PrEP online resource

WASHINGTON, D.C., Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021—As of Friday, January 15, 2021, HealthHIV will be the new home of, an online platform that expands access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Initially launched in 2015 as a searchable and location-responsive provider directory for the State of California, has expanded to provide HIV prevention resources in English and Spanish for consumers and providers in all 50 states. The platform features an online PrEP navigation training program with multiple modules/courses and downloadable resources which offer comprehensive insights and highlight best practices  for PrEP consumers, navigators, and prescribers.

“I am delighted PleasePrEPMe has found a home at a national organization with online expertise,” says Shannon Weber, Founder and former Director of PleasePrEPMe. “As PleasePrEPMe transitions to HealthHIV, a huge round of applause for the extraordinary team members and many collaborators who helped build this innovative program. The opportunity to have been a part of creating a trusted, inclusive, welcoming source of HIV-prevention information has been my honor. I am confident HealthHIV will steward PleasePrEPMe to adapt and change in response to community needs.”

“HealthHIV is very excited to add PleasePrEPMe to our expanding portfolio of HIV prevention programs and services,” said HealthHIV Executive Director Brian Hujdich. “We regularly engage with a vast network of clinical and service providers, advocates, patients, and consumers through our HIV prevention programs and initiatives, so PleasePrEPMe will be of great interest to this expansive HIV prevention workforce.”

HealthHIV leads a variety of HIV prevention-related training and education programs, including the HIV Prevention Certified Provider (HIV PCP) medical education program, which educates and expands the HIV prevention workforce. Other notable medical education programs include Steps to PrEP and PrEP Forums, which engage constituents in training and engagement opportunities around HIV prevention and PrEP. HealthHIV also conducts numerous online training and certificate programs in HIV primary care, LGBT health, and ASO/CBO leadership and sustainability. In addition, HealthHIV manages an eLearning Center on HIV prevention for the Centers for Disease Control Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention’s capacity building branch.

“Users can expect to maintain its unique and user-friendly search in English and Spanish and support of PrEP navigators with enhanced resources from HealthHIV’s diverse capabilities in education, capacity building, advocacy, research, and technology,” said HealthHIV’s Communications Manager Cory France.


About PleasePrEPMe launched in 2015 as the first searchable and location-responsive PrEP and PEP provider directory in English and Spanish for the state of California. Collaborations and partnerships have been the story of PleasePrEPMe’s thriving. From supporting the development of a national directory, to creating sex-positive HIV-prevention resources, to making HIV-prevention resource pages for all 50 states, to operating live bilingual chat navigation services, PleasePrEPMe worked to expand access to PrEP and PEP. The PleasePrEPMe team has loved being a bridge between online information seekers and online or in-person services and leveraging technology to create connection.

As of January 15, 2021, HealthHIV will be the home of PleasePrEPMe. With this transition, PleasePrEPMe will continue to evolve in response to changing times and leadership. Website Landing Page, which includes the PrEP provider locator and access to relevant PrEP education and resources in English and Spanish’s Online PrEP Navigation training program features eight modules developed by experts. These modules are made readily accessible and equitable for people with all abilities. 

About HealthHIV

HealthHIV is a national non-profit that advances effective prevention, care, support, and health equity for people living with, or at risk for, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C—particularly with LGBT and other underserved communities—by providing education, capacity building, health services research, and advocacy to organizations, communities, and professionals. HealthHIV leads the HealthHCV initiative, the National Center for Health Care Capacity Building, and the National Coalition for LGBT Health. HealthHIV also leads a variety of HIV prevention-related training and education programs, including the HIV Prevention Certified Provider (HIV PCP) medical education program and Pozitively Aging. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for more details.


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