Join Gilead Sciences and the American Society on Aging for a series of conversations about caring for older adults living with HIV. By 2030, up to 70% of people living with HIV will be older than age 50. This podcast series covers the opportunities to improve care for those who are aging with HIV—from educating healthcare professionals to ensuring social workers have the resources they need—and examines the experiences of overlooked HIV communities.

Episode 1: Challenges and Approaches to HIV Care for Older Adults

Caring for older adults—specifically those older than age 50—who are living with HIV calls for increasing access to services and care coordination. HealthHIV’s Pozitively Aging program works to improve the quality of life for those aging with HIV. Scott Bertani, Director of Public Policy at HealthHIV, sits down with Beyond Generations to discuss his article in the Gilead-sponsored Generations Today on how Pozitively Aging addresses obstacles and solutions to HIV care.