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Remaining Relevant in the New Reality

HealthHIV’s Remaining Relevant in the New RealityTM is an intensive training that builds the capacity of AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) to build impactful, scalable clinical and non-clinical HIV programming that enhances the care network, and improves the health outcomes, of PLWH, within the ever-changing health care landscape.

The Remaining Relevant in the New RealityTM tour recently stopped in Atlanta, GA, Sacramento, and San Francisco, CA.

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Remaining Relevant in the New RealityTM is a capacity building program for AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs). The program assists ASOs/CBOs in constructing strategic organizational development plans to sustain continuity of HIV prevention, care, and treatment for their clients; enhances collaboration between municipalities, officials, ASO/CBO staff, providers and others; and provides strategies and tools that ASOs/CBOs can implement to respond to the new environment. The goal is to maintain and enhance the viability of ASOs/CBOs to remain relevant in the new HIV health care landscape.


The Remaining Relevant in the New RealityTM program leverage multiple training modalities to meet the diverse learning needs of participants. These include facilitated discussions, lectures, expert panels, small group exercises/skills building activities, one-on-one technical assistance during and after the training, and an online learning community to address:

  • Limitations of the current model of care, service delivery system, business model, and the dependence on single-source funding
  • Best practice approaches and limitations to sustainable practice transformation models
  • Preparing program staff members and clients for service delivery transformation
  • Opportunities to develop alliances and strengthen collaborative partnerships
  • Mechanisms to engage in state health care reform implementation
  • Infrastructure development to enhance the HIV continuum of care and health outcomes


  • Health Care Reform and the Changing Health Care Delivery Landscape (Overview)
  • Utilizing the HIV Continuum of Care in Your Jurisdiction
  • Patient Centered Medical Homes and Integrated Care Team Approaches
  • Understanding Confidentiality and Data-Sharing Policies and Protocols to Improve Inter-Agency Collaboration
  • CBO/ASO Organizational Capacity and Readiness for Change
  • Participation in Insurance Markets by HIV Prevention, Clinical, and Support Agencies
  • State Marketplaces and Medicaid: Where Does Your State Stand with PPACA Implementation?
  • Exploring New Models of Care and Transitioning Agency Structure to Address the Changing Service Delivery Landscape
  • Guidelines and Successful Community Models for Improving Entry Into, and Retention in, HIV Care
  • Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Tools to Measure Program Success
  • How to Embark on a Structured Planning Process
  • CBO/ASO Board of Directors Development Session