Title: Research and Evaluation Manager                        

Reports to: Project Director

Application Deadline: Friday, February 26, 2021


This position will be responsible for the coordination, delivery/facilitation, and implementation of research and evaluation of Capacity Building Assistance (CBA), Training and Technical Assistance (TA) services to support public health workforce, including infectious disease specialists and general practitioners and providers of HIV, viral hepatitis (HAV, HBV, HCV) and sexually transmitted disease and infection (STD and STI) health services.


The Research and Evaluation Manager will provide data analysis and evaluation support for  CBA and training activities addressing the capacitation needs of publicly- and privately-funded infectious disease and primary care providers in the State of Maryland and across HealthHIV’s CBA programs. These CBA and training activities will be part of a larger nationwide effort to end the syndemics of HIV, viral hepatitis, STis and COVID-19,and help mitigate behavioral and ecological factors impacting risk for disease acquisition, such as past or current substance use. In addition to developing and implementing research and evaluation, the Research and Evaluation Manager will lead projects that support data-informed strategic planning and decision making. The Research and Evaluation Manager will work independently and as a member of a team to plan and execute research and evaluation projects. This process will entail the design of surveys and other instruments to facilitate the collection of qualitative and quantitative data; data organization and analysis using software packages like nVivo, STATA, and SAS; and interpretation and visualization (e.g. graphs and maps) of data for reports, presentations, briefs, promotional materials, and other collateral.

The Research and Evaluation Manager will be expected to deliver high-impact and actionable research and evaluation that informs, guides, and influences practice and policy with innovation, enthusiasm, flexibility, and thoughtfulness. The successful candidate will have a strong educational background and experience in social and behavioral sciences, with a thorough grounding in disease distribution and psychosocial theories, intervention design, and qualitative and quantitative methods and geo-mapping. Experience in research addressing the social determinants of health, generational health, health equity, social justice, racial and ethnic minority health, and LGBTQ+ health is strongly desired. The Research and Evaluation Manager also will support relevant research and evaluation activities, including reviewing and interpreting national and local data, and conducting needs assessments and implementing continuous quality improvement activities.


Applicants must hold a BA or BS degree in public health, health administration, behavioral health, geography, economics, statistics, or a related field. An MPH or MS degree is preferred. Applicants must have formal academic training on, and work experience with, the use of multiple methods/multimethods to design, implement, and assess CBA and training activities (interventions). To this end, successful candidates will be have experience collecting and analyzing cross-sectional and longitudinal data using survey design software (Survey Monkey and RedCAP), nVivo (or related qualitative analysis software), and at least two of the following statistical software packages: SAS, STATA, MLwin, and/or MPlus. The successful applicant will have demonstrated training and experience in conducting literature reviews to guide the creation and execution of theoretically-grounded interventions (CBA/training), including the generation of theoretically-grounded qualitative and quantitative data collection instruments and subsequent evaluation (analysis). Must have experience analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data (descriptive statistics, linear and logistic regressions, etc.) via clear narrative copy and visualizations, including (but not limited to) tables, figures, maps, and so on. Experience with contributing to scientific, government, and grant papers and reports; using advanced analytical approaches (marginal models, mediation/moderation analysis, and latest class analysis); engaging in qualitative data collection activities (focus groups, semi-structured interviews, key informant interviews, record reviews, and photosutdy projects); and maintaining data in an organized, secure environment is a plus.

Also required: at least 3 years of related work experience combined with the ability to demonstrate the necessary skills and abilities for this position. Strong competency and experience addressing harm reduction, health equity, social justice, and the social determinants of health in the areas of HIV, viral hepatitis, sexual and behavioral health, and related support services, such as housing, are necessary. Applicants should possess experience in HIV, viral hepatitis and STI prevention/treatment, opioid use disorder and opioid misuse prevention/treatment, substance use prevention/treatment, LGBTQ health equity, and minority health equity, access, and engagement issues.

This full-time position is based at HealthHIV’s Washington, DC office, and therefore preferred that the employee live in or be willing to relocate to Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia.

Skills and Abilities Needed:

  • Proven research and evaluation experience and expert knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods.
  • Track record of undertaking and/or commissioning research and evaluation that has informed practice/policy development.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze quantitative and qualitative data, interpret findings, discern implications, draw conclusions, and make recommendations.
  • Advanced critical thinking skills, exhibited by the ability to synthesize and summarize complex information from a range of sources in an accessible way.
  • Ability to translate technical data into messages and graphic representations meaningful to a broad audience.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in statistical analysis software, including ability to write complex syntax, and Microsoft Office suite required.
  • Possess strong project, staff, and team management skills.
  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Balance multiple responsibilities and function well under pressure.
  • Demonstrated ability to oversee projects and meet or exceed deadlines.
  • Deliver quality customer service and work products.
  • Work effectively independently as well as part of a team with diverse staff.
  • Strong group and meeting facilitation skills.
  • Possess strong competencies in the topics of HIV, viral hepatitis and STI prevention/treatment, opioid use disorder prevention and treatment, sexual and behavioral health, and support services, including prevention, housing, care, and treatment.
  • Proficiency with survey design software, including both Survey Monkey and RedCAP, required.
  • Proficiency in SAS, STATA, MPlus, and/or MLWin required.
  • Proficiency with NVivo or other qualitative data organization software required.
  • Experience developing quantitative instruments (adapting validated measures as needed/appropriate) and creating sound qualitative instruments guided by solid design approaches is required.
  • Proficiency conducting qualitative fieldwork, including focus groups, semi-structured interviews, key informant interviews, and photostudy, is a plus.
  • Familiarity and experience with the application of disease distribution and psychosocial theories in the design, implementation, and analysis of intervention (CBA/training) evaluation activities a plus.
  • Experience organizing and securing qualitative and quantitative data is a plus.
  • Experience with advanced analytical approaches (marginal models, mediation/moderation analysis, and latest class analysis) is a plus.

Key Functions:

  • Develop, deliver and coordinate research and evaluation with a focus on improving the programmatic, clinical, and administrative capacity of the organizations’ provider services to individuals with HIV or viral hepatitis (HAV, HBV, HCV), in addition to those at-risk for or acquisition of HIV, HCV and STIs.
  • Plan and implement all phases of research and evaluation projects,including design, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and reporting.
  • Present findings visually, orally and in writing, as appropriate, and contribute visual and written materials to reports, publications and proposals.
  • Design and produce charts and graphs that describe and interpret findings, and efficiently and effectively reveal spatial and statistical relationships.
  • Develop briefs, presentations, and reports that describe and interpret findings and provide actionable insights.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other partnering agencies, providers and stakeholders in implementing and actualizing more effective research and evaluation strategies for HIV, viral hepatitis (HAV, HBV, HCV), and STI community services.
  • Support the creation of qualitative and quantitative CBA needs assessment instruments and conduct CBA needs assessments with recipient organizations.
  • Actively seek ways to improve research and evaluation throughout the organization’s projects..
  • Maintain accurate records, including research and evaluation strategies, engagement notes, etc.
  • Develop written reports and other materials to document delivery of quality services.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.



  • Comprehensive health benefits (Domestic Partners are eligible for coverage).
  • Retirement benefits (eligible to join the 403b plan after three-month introductory period).
  • Twenty-three days (minimum) of paid personal leave (accrual begins on start date at 7.19 hours per pay period).
  • Federal holidays observed.

How to Apply:

Resumes must include a cover letter and should be submitted to jobs@healthhiv.org with “Research and Evaluation Manager” in the subject line. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please. Deadline for applications is Friday, February 26, 2021.


NOTE: Applicants must only apply for the one position in which they are most qualified and interested. Applicants who submit multiple applications will not be considered.


Employer’s Rights:

This job description is not inclusive of all responsibilities or duties related to the position and may be revised at any time. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as required by the project or the organization. Employment with HealthHIV is at-will, and as such, the employment relationship may be terminated at any time, with or without cause.