The SYNC Webinar Series is a monthly online training series that continues to sync leaders in HIV, HCV, and LGBT health, building on topics from SYNChronicity.

SYNCing 340B and HIV/STD Prevention and Care: From Compliance to Income Maximization
Thursday, July 27, 2017, 3:00PM – 4:00PM EST

Leveraging program income generated from the 340B program is a key factor in program sustainability and service expansion. 340B Drug Pricing Programs are designed to expand service delivery to provide more care to more patients. Understanding the complex fiscal monitoring and program compliance requirements of 340B is a challenging task for providers. To enhance program sustainability and strengthen compliance procedures, 340B covered entities need to thoroughly understand HRSA legislative requirements.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the 340B Drug Pricing Program
  • Identify common compliance challenges for covered entities in managing 340B programs and pharmacy relations
  • Summarize the fiscal components of overseeing a 340B program in Ryan White settings
  • Discuss opportunities to leverage 340B STD designations to expand PrEP and Hepatitis C services
  • Explain the implications of potential 340B policy changes on the Ryan White program and service delivery


  • Fungisai Nota, Founder & CEO, Nota Consulting Group, LLC
  • Shayna Linov, Fiscal Training Specialist, HealthHIV

SYNC or Swim: Strategies for ASOs/CBOs Navigating a Dynamic Healthcare Environment
Thursday, June 29, 2017

AIDS service organizations and community-based organizations often feel lost at sea amidst a constant inundation of conflicting, changing, and ever-emerging information about healthcare reform. Weathering these turbulent storms demands strong navigation skills. This webinar highlighted strategies that address key components of organizational sustainability and proactively respond to policy and funding shifts impacting HIV programs. Fortified with effective navigation strategies and decision-making skills, ASOs/CBOs can ride the wave of health reform for smooth sailing with sustainable, healthy organizations.

HealthHIV content experts and faculty synced discussions on fiscal, leadership/governance, and partnerships elements that impact sustainability. The webinar featured:

  • Impact of Health Reform on Access To HIV/HCV Healthcare: Emalie Huriaux, Director of State and Federal Affairs, Project Inform
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships for Organizational Sustainability: Marissa Tonelli, ASO Sustainability Lead, HealthHIV
  • Income Diversification and Revenue Generation in Creating Sustainable Organizations: Shayna Linov, Fiscal Training Lead, HealthHIV
  • Decision-Making Strategies for ASO/CBO Leadership: Scott Bertani, Director of Policy, Lifelong AIDS Alliance

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