The Coalition is committed to improving the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals through federal and local advocacy, education, and research. The Coalition addresses the entire LGBT community, including individuals of every sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, and age regardless of disability, income, education, and geography. The Coalition is an initiative of HealthHIV, a national nonprofit focused on health equity.


The Coalition seeks to:

  • Change public and private sector policies, laws, and regulations regarding LGBT health and related issues;
  • Increase resources to expand culturally competent health and social services delivery to a diverse and inclusive LGBT population; and
  • Build and disseminate knowledge regarding LGBT population’s health status, access to and utilization of health care and other health-related information.

The Coalition values:

  • Eliminating health disparities that occur based on sexual orientation, gender identity and presentation, gender, race/ethnicity, education or income, disability, nationality, geographic location and age; and
  • Deriving its power and legitimacy from its membership and is committed to working on partnerships and consultation with its members in carrying out its work.


The National Coalition for LGBT Health is dedicated to effecting change by bringing together the rich diversity of the LGBT community at a national level, across gender/gender identity, race/ethnicity, disability, education, income, age, and geography. Our organizational membership includes many of the leading LGBT health centers, local and state health departments, and leaders in LGBT policy in the US. The individual membership includes leading researchers and health care providers who work in HIV/AIDS, biomedical prevention, health disparities in minority communities, mental health in the LGBT community, and other critical areas of medicine and public health.

List of Current Coalition Members

The National Coalition for LGBT Health welcomes your interest in membership and looks forward to your participation. If you or your organization would like to join us in the effort to improve LGBT health and well-being, complete the registration form here:

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We are in the process of updating the membership dues structure and will be updating this information soon.

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The National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund and the National Coalition for LGBT Health have published a new guide on health issues important to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people. Released in advance of the 2016 presidential election, the “10 Key LGBTQ Health Advocacy Priorities Guide” is intended to educate voters on LGBTQ health priorities the two organizations will continue to focus on during the next administration. Click here to download the guide.




The National Coalition for LGBT Health has created the LGBT Health Training Program™ as a professional development offering for clinical and allied healthcare providers and support staff to cultivate new skills and gain critical knowledge to enhance the delivery of quality, culturally competent care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender consumers. This program includes a comprehensive web-based series of educational modules on LGBT health, focusing on healthcare providers, service delivery, and health systems. Topics include sexual orientation and gender identity, cultural competency, health disparities across racial and ethnic communities, and LGBT-friendly health systems. Following a final exam, participants will receive a Certificate of Proficiency in LGBT Health from The National Coalition for LGBT Health reflecting their completion of the program.

Several new modules for the LGBT Health Training and Certificate Program™ will be available soon, including:

  • OUTcompetent: Cultural Competency and the Stigmatization of STDs, HIV, PrEP, and Mental Health;
  • Healthcare Stigma Facing Transgender Individuals: From Access to Policy and Care to Treatment; and
  • A webinar on STDs and PrEP.


PrEP Training

PrEP Module

In this conversation-style Webcast, leading experts in the fields of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) discuss features of a sexual history that identify patients at risk of HIV transmission as PrEP candidates, approaches for implementing the PrEP cascade in clinical practice for patients at high risk of HIV, and the impact of adherence and non-daily dosing on PrEP effectiveness. Additionally, the panel discusses adherence-related challenges that patients taking PrEP may encounter and offers tools to maximize the effectiveness of PrEP as an HIV-prevention strategy.



The Coalition is a co-sponsor of PrEP forums conducted around the country. These forums are for clinical providers, service providers, and consumers to educate them on PrEP usage in preventing HIV infection.


The Coalition will be conducting the State of LGBT HealthTM survey, which marks first nationwide survey examining the state of LGBT health in the United States from three unique perspectives: consumer, clinical providers, and healthcare system organizations. The survey will be conducted in 2017.




The National Coalition for LGBT Health recently released updated versions of their population guides for the newly-insured people living with HIV and LGBT individuals. The “Get Enrolled. Get Engaged. Get Empowered” guides provide information on navigating the enrollment process, engaging with providers and pharmacists, and empowering yourself in finding specialty care and maximizing benefits.


National LGBT Health Awareness Week

The National Coalition for LGBT Health, which created National LGBT Health Awareness Week in 2003, announces the theme of the 15th annual National LGBT Health Awareness Week, “ACT OUT for LGBT Health! Action on Health Access and Equity.”

During National LGBT Health Awareness Week, the Coalition will provide educational materials and a social media toolkit for advocates and partner organizations to use throughout the Week. The coalition will provide a daily guide for improving LGBT Health in local communities through different actions.

Click here to access the “ACT OUT” Toolkit.

Contact Brian Hujdich at and Benjamin Brooks at to list your organization’s events in a special edition of the Coalition’s newsletter for National LGBT Health Awareness Week.

SYNC 2017

SYNChronicity (or SYNC 2017) is the Coalition’s national conference addressing HIV and HCV disease prevention, care and treatment. The conference is titled SYNChronicity because the approach is to SYNC various audiences with a variety of topics with the intended outcome of advancing HIV, HCV and LGBT health. SYNChronicity educational offerings will be provided following the conference via webinars and an app with available resources—keeping participants synched throughout the year.

SYNChronicity provides a distinct approach to HIV, HCV and LGBT health education and training. With the rapid changes and challenges in the health care sector, the need to come together and SYNC on pressing issues from access to delivery is greater than ever. SYNC 2017 participants will receive training on a variety of HIV, HCV and LGBT health topics and have the unique opportunity to engage with clinicians, service providers, government officials, community-based organization leaders, advocates, and others. Together they will SYNC systems, data, programs, models, interventions and policies to generate targeted solutions and approaches within a dynamic health care environment. Continuing education credits will be offered.

Learn more about the agenda at SYNC 2017.