HealthHCV Advocacy Platform


Increase the Number of Individuals Aware of HCV Infection

  • Advocate to expand HCV screening via healthcare reform in primary care, HIV care, veteran’s health, mental health, and substance use treatment settings to increase diagnosis of people living with chronic hepatitis C.

Improve Access to Cure Therapy for Individuals Living with Chronic Hepatitis C

  • Expand integration of HCV diagnosis, linkage to care, and treatment in primary care settings.
  • Ensure that all people with chronic HCV, and their providers, have unencumbered access to the most effective, affordable, and safe HCV treatments regardless of insurance.
  • Expand health care workforce capacity for HCV diagnosis, linkage to care, and treatment in non-specialty settings.

Build Surveillance and Research Capacity

  • Advance the case for a national viral hepatitis surveillance system.
  • Advocate to expand research for improved cure therapies and HCV vaccine development.