Empowering and Promoting Leaders in MSM of Color Communities

This one-hour webinar is designed for current and emerging leaders in AIDS service organizations and community-based organizations who wish to learn more about social determinants of health and HIV prevention among MSM of color. It is co-hosted by the National Black Justice Coalition, and is part of the monthly “Leadership Link & Learn” webinar series within HealthHIV’s ASO/CBO Leadership Initiative. Webinar participants learn to:

  • Identify social determinants of health, and specifically those impacting the prevention and treatment of HIV;
  • Describe stigma’s impact on the HIV continuum of care;
  • Explore the current need for cultivating leaders of color in MSM/LGBTQ communities and how the lack of leaders of color contribute to social disparities;
  • Analyze the barriers that prevent the cultivation and retention of leaders of color in MSM/LGBTQ communities;
  • Explore best-practices, program models and organizational structures for developing and maintaining leaders of color in MSM/LGBTQ communities of color;
  • Identify effective strategies for HIV prevention program implementation; and,
  • Share additional resources and training opportunities for engaging and developing leaders of color in MSM/LGBTQ communities.

Watch the webinar below: